The Orb 61: Somehow the Goatee Finds You / by Trek fm

Casting DS9 with Larry Nemecek, Part 1.

One of the many creative challenges in launching a new Star Trek series is casting. Finding the right actors to bring the characters to life takes time and careful consideration. And the process itself can change the nature of the roles, resulting in adjustments to name, ethnicity, background story, and in some cases requiring a completely new character to be created. In this episode of The Orb we're joined by Larry Nemecek for the first part of a two-part discussion about the casting of Deep Space Nine and the evolution of the characters.

Running Time: 56 minutes 9 seconds


Christopher Jones



Larry Nemecek



Larry's Early DS9 Memories (2:41)
Miles O'Brien (6:56)
Benjamin Sisko (15:09)
Jake Sisko (19:18)
Kira Nerys (27:09)
Julian Bashir (37:53)
Closing (43:10)



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