The Orb 60: A Repetitive Cycle of Resistance / by Trek fm

The Cardassian Underground.

Throughout Deep Space Nine we see Cardassian government and society threatened by several different incarnations of resistance. From early dissidents such as Amin Marritza to later leaders like Tekeny Ghemor and Damar, something running deep inside Cardassians seems to cause dissident movements to continually spring up.

In this episode of The Orb we discuss the unique elements of Cardassian society that lead to rebellion. Is it a feature of Cardassian politics or something buried deeper within their psyche? What are some of the characteristics and motivations of the leaders of these movements? How do their actions affect the broader world of DS9? It's a look at the repetitive epic so cherished by Cardassia.

Running Time: 57 minutes 45 seconds


Christopher Jones



Daniel Handlin



Expressing Dissent (2:55)
Marritza's Motivations (10:39)
Lang's Ivory Tower (15:52)
Ghemor's Quiet Revolution (19:18)
Damar Finds Himself (29:27)
Final Thoughts (43:37)
Closing and Feedback (45:55)



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