The Orb 3: Emissary, Ambassador, or Apostle? / by Trek fm

The Sisko.

Shortly after Benjamin Sisko arrived at Bajor, he was informed by Kai Opaka that he was the more than just a Starfleet Commander. Apart from being an ambassador of sorts whose mission was to prepare Bajor for Federation membership, Sisko was a long-awaited spiritual figure whose arrival was foretold in Bajoran prophecies. What played out over the next seven years was a story of incredible transformation of a kind never before seen in Star Trek. 

In this episode of The Orb, hosts Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing take a closer look at the man the Prophets came to refer to as The Sisko, how a Starfleet officer initially fought again his destiny, and how he came to accept that he had a very special purpose to fulfil that went beyond the uniform.