The Ready Room 75: Tracking Through the iMudd / by Trek fm

I, Mudd.


Who doesn’t love rolling around in the Mudd? Norman certainly doesn’t mind, as we find out in the second-season episode “I, Mudd.” It was our second visit with Harcourt Fenton… but was it the last? In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by our TOS Editor Drew Stewart and Jennie Zell of Dork Trek and the Mouthy Broadcast to discuss this episode along with how Harry Mudd fits into the the larger Star Trek universe.

In news we cover the latest additions to Star Trek Las Vegas 2013, Starfleet threads for your top and bottom, a new way to carry around your Data, and we play with the holiday update to Shatoetry. Plus we discuss some of the many hippy laws on the Planet of Galactic Peace and why, if you live there, you’re forced to join a biker gang.

Running Time 1 hour 37 minutes


Christopher Jones and Greg Harbin



Drew Stewart and Jennie Zell


Show Notes

Creation Expands List of Guests for Star Trek Las Vegas 2013
Facebook Campaign Seeks to Get Whoopi Goldberg to STLV
ThinkGeek Boxer Briefs Put You in Command
ThinkGeek Bike Jerseys to Wear Above Those Briefs
Transport Your Data with Star Trek Mimobots
Shatoetry 1.1: The Holiday Update

Feature: I, Mudd

The Temptations of the Crew
Double Your Pleasure… with Twins!
Looking for Meaning in the Mudd
Star Trek’s Other Mudd Episodes
Do We Love Mudd?
Feeling a Bit Borgish?
Does TOS Get a Pass on Silly Star Trek?


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