The Orb of Mail: I’m Gonna Make That Part of My Head Canon / by Trek fm

The Orb Supplemental: The Orb of Mail Feedback Show.

In each episode of The Orb we delve into the minutiae of Deep Space Nine, which generates a lot of feedback from you, our loyal listeners. When the messages start piling up, it's time to gaze into the Orb of Mail. In this special show we share our thoughts on your thoughts and questions about past episodes. Join us as we expand upon the possible connection between Section 31 and Red Squad, the new Starfleet-designed Deep Space 9 station, Sisko mentoring Worf, the tag-team funnies of Worf and Dax, more thoughts on Keiko, Miles, and Kira, what an eighth season of DS9 night have looked like on television, and much more.

Running Time: 58 minutes 35 seconds


Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing

Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones

Associate Producers

Norman C. Lao, Ruth Ward, Lisa Stevens, and Will Nguyen


Could Red Squad be a training ground for Section 31? (3:03)
What do you think about the new Deep Space 9? (7:05)
Might Keiko have felt guilty about not carrying the baby? (12:11)
Did Sisko see Worf as a command protege? (20:36)
Were Worf and Jadzia the ultimate funny couple? (24:30)
Could Jadzia Dax have been named Ambassador to Qo’noS? (27:27)
Which DS9 episodes have stuck with you over time? (31:10)
What would a DS9 Season Eight have looked like on TV? (38:52)
What if Section 31 knew about “In the Pale Moonlight”? (42:42)
Closing (45:28)

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