The Orb of Mail: Apparently Section 31 Is Batman / by Trek fm

The Orb Supplemental: The Orb of Mail Feedback Show.

In each episode of The Orb we delve into the minutiae of Deep Space Nine, which generates a lot of feedback from you, our loyal listeners. When the messages start piling up, it's time to gaze into the Orb of Mail. In this special show we share our thoughts on your thoughts and questions about past episodes. Join us as we expand upon the Breen attack on Earth, Section 31 and how long they had been working on the morphogenic virus, whether it would have been better for the audience to meet Ezri Tigan a season before she became Dax, and the true nature of the Prophets.

Running Time: 53 minutes 10 seconds


Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing



World War II and the Breen Attack on Earth (4:20)
Section 31's Wide-Reaching Bioligical Weapons Program (10:30)
Getting to Know Ezri Tigan Before Joining (18:04)
The True Nature of the Prophets (25:17)
How to Send Us Your Feedback and Questions (38:28)
iTunes Reviews (44:22)
Closing (51:26)


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