The Orb 83: When You Unzip the Turtleneck… / by Trek fm

The Dominion Invasion, Part 2 of 7: A Time to Stand.

Deep Space Nine is often seen as that series about the war. But, in fact, the Dominion War didn't really begin until the end of the fifth season. Squadrons of insect-like Dominion ships pouring out of the wormhole was the harbinger of the greatness and danger to come, and to a unique approach to Star Trek storytelling. The sixth season of DS9 was to begin not only with an unprecedented six-episode arc, but also with the scattering of our heroes and the loss of the space station whose very name is in the title of the show.

In this episode of The Orb hosts Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing continue their series that takes you through the Season Six opener. This time around we tackle the actual season premier, “A Time to Stand,” the uneasy alliance aboard the station, Sisko’s unexpected career turn as a master strategist, the ever-adaptable nature of Odo, the new path for a grown-up Jake, and the incredible display of arrogance delivered by one Skrain Dukat, Esq.

Running Time: 1 hour 3 minutes 28 seconds


Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing

Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones

Associate Producers

Norman C. Lao, Ruth Ward, Lisa Stevens, Will Nguyen, and Kenneth Trip

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen


A Feeling of Weariness (00:02:50)
The Minefield Takes Center Stage (00:08:09)
Dukat on Display (00:12:25)
Uneasy Allies (00:15:54)
Odo Adapts… Again (00:22:54)
Why Do We Fight? (00:29:56)
Sisko’s Unexpected Career Turn (00:33:43)
Garak and a Jem’Hadar Come to Dinner… (00:41:49)
Jake Becomes His Own Man (00:48:16)
Closing (00:42:12)

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