The Orb 69: Gentleness Missed / by Trek fm

Kai Opaka.

Religion held a rare position of importance within Star Trek during the seven seasons of Deep Space Nine, and right from the outset Benjamin Sisko was ushered into the world of Bajoran spirituality. Rather than the contentious atmosphere of Kai Winn, however, Sisko was introduced to his role of Emissary by the kinder, gentler hand of Kai Opaka. And while we never truly got to know her, the role that Opaka played in setting up the series is irreplaceable—at least for the DS9 that we came to know.

In this episode of The Orb, Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing discuss Opaka, her background and her rise to the position of Kai, her "collaboration" with Cardassians during the final years of the Occupation, and we image a series both with Kai Opaka throughout and with her never existing.

Running Time: 44 minutes 49 seconds


Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing



Imagining "Emissary" without Opaka (2:44)
Background and The Rise of Opaka (5:24)
Collaborating with Cardassians (12:04)
Setting Up "Emissary" with Winn or Bareil (16:51)
The "Death" of Kai Opaka (24:59)
A Deep Space Nine without Kai Opaka (24:59)
A Deep Space Nine with Kai Opaka (29:05)
Closing (33:32)



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