The Orb 37: Excellently Vague / by Trek fm

Bajoran Prophecies.

Life as a religious figure started for Benjamin Sisko almost the moment he arrived at the station. Coming to terms with that life took a bit longer. One of the elements that made Deep Space Nine so rich and unique was the Bajoran belief system. The writers wove elements of spirituality—or mysticism depending on your perspective—into the series in a way that requires a long view to appreciate. In this episode of The Orb hosts Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing discuss six specific Bajoran prophecies that led us from the arrival of the Federation in “Emissary” to the final showdown in the Fire Caves in “What You Leave Behind.” We also explore how these prophecies eased Sisko into his role as Emissary and helped Kira, Winn, and others accept that he was, in fact, of Bajor.