The Orb 33: Techniques of Neutralization / by Trek fm


Sisko and Dukat have one of the most dynamic relationships of any hero/enemy combination in Star Trek. It transcends even the obvious Starfleet-Cardassian conflict and extends into the spiritual realm. It's enough to be men on opposite sides of galactic politics—who have each commanded DS9 (or Terok Nor)—but as emissaries to opposing sides of Bajoran religion they represent the timeless battle between good and evil. Being Deep Space Nine, however, who is on which side is not always entirely clear. In this episode of The Orb hosts Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing are joined by John Tenuto to discuss this relationship, how it comes to a head in the sixth-season episode "Waltz," and how the writers used the moment to wash away the grey and plant Sisko and Dukat firmly on opposing sides of the ethical, moral, and spiritual plains.