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Captain's Log

Captain's Log 28: Devils in a Red Dress: Evil Admirals of The Next Generation

Starfleet's belt buckle-wearing top brass have a history of making life hard for our heroes. In this Captain's Log, "Badmirals" are reporting for duty. 


Captain's Log 27: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Holodeck Programs

A look at the those times when the holodeck was used well, those times when it wasn’t, and those moments that simply left you shaking your head. 


Captain's Log 26: Endgame: Voyager Finds Her Way Home

A critical look back at Voyager from the perspective of “Endgame.” 


Captain's Log 25: Voyager Season One Wrap-up

A look at how the overall ratings stack up for Voyager’s initial outing. 


Captain's Log 24: Living In The Future: PADDs

A look at the PADDs of today and the apps available to Trek-ify your mobile life. 


Captain's Log 23: Rewriting Trek

A look at the fine line that Star Trek writers walk and at some of the moments that have been labeled “rewriting Trek.” 


Captain's Log 22: The Best of Star Trek: Voyager

An offering of five of the best episodes from Star Trek: Voyager. 


Captain's Log 21: Riker! Riker! Won't You Please Sit Down?

A look at just how that fourth pip finally landed on Riker’s collar to stay. 


Captain's Log 20: Janeway and Chakotay: The Relationship that Never Was… Or Was It?

A look at the romantic tension between Janeway and Chakotay that ran through seven seasons of life in the Delta Quadrant. 


Captain's Log 19: Kardashev Civilizations in Star Trek and Beyond

Just how far ahead of us are those like the Iconians, the Q, and Star Treks most advanced civilizations?


Captain's Log 18: Living In The Future: Communicators

A look at the history of the cell phones progression toward communicator status, and what’s available out there to Trek-ify your mobile life. 


Captain's Log 17: Captain Janeway and the Ever-Morphing Hairdo

A look at the many styles that adorned Captain Janeway's crown. 


Captain's Log 16: 10 Years Removed from Voyager: What's the Crew Up to Now?

A look at what the actors and actresses behind the Voyager crew have been up to over the past decade. 


Captain's Log 15: DeForest Kelley: The One and Only

Ten things you might not have known about our hero, De Kelley. 


Captain's Log 14: Spook Treks: A Selection of Star Trek Episodes for Halloween

Some keys episodes to help you line up a spine-tingling night of Trek. 


Captain's Log 13: The Best of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

An offering of five of the best episodes from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. 


Captain's Log 12: The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation

An offering of five of the best episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation. 


Captain's Log 11: The Best of Star Trek: The Original Series

An offering of five of the best episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series. 


Captain's Log 10: Vulcans Running Amok! The Pon Farr

It's a matter of biology that Vulcans do not even discuss it amongst themselves! So brace yourself, and send the kids to the other room. 


Captain's Log 9: Twitterfic: Role Players Explore Strange New Worlds On Twitter

Fans create new Enterprise adventures 140 characters at a time. 


Captain's Log 8: Borgified! The Assimilation of Star Trek: Voyager

Was Voyager really assimilated by the Borg? We examine just how far they infiltrated the series. 


Captain's Log 7: There's an Orb for That...

One of the unique aspects of DS9 was the inclusion of religion and spirituality. Here's a look at the ten Orbs of the Prophets. 


Captain's Log 6: Coming of Age for Star Trek The Animated Series

How Star Trek was kept alive on ink and paper before the big screen voyages began. 


Captain's Log 5: It Takes More Than a Few to Make a Crew

Meet a few of the key personnel whose faces were a ubiquitous and essential presence on board the Starship Enterprise. 


Captain's Log 4: Assignment: Earth

It’s the Star Trek episode that isn’t quite Star Trek. Here's a look at the springboard for a new series. 


Captain's Log 3: Recounting Broken Bow and First Impressions of Enterprise

Looking back at the premise of Enterprise, which took Star Trek into uncharted territory. 


Captain's Log 2: Ranking the Star Trek Movies

32 years. 11 films. 2 generations of Star Trek heroes and villains. We put them in order from best to worst. 


Captain's Log 1: From Unfinished Alien to Pure Vulcan

If Vulcan has a cucumber equivalent, Mr. Spock would be as cool as that. But imagine an excitable, bushy-browed Mr. Spock. The Vulcan we know and love wasn’t always as he is now.