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Season 2

The Child

Episode 26

When the Enterprise crosses paths with an unusual form of energy, Troi discovers that she is pregnant. Soon Troi gives birth to a child who ages rapidly, providing the new Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pulaski, with her first challenge aboard the 1701-D.


Where Silence Has Lease

Episode 27

While on a charting missions, the Enterprise encounters a hole in space where there is nothing but blackness. Soon strange events begin to occur and the ship comes under attack by Nagilum, a being who puts the crew through tests for its own curiosity.


Elementary, Dear Data

Episode 28

Data and Geordi take to the holodeck to participate in a Sherlock Holmes mystery only to find a greater challenge than expected in Holmes’s nemesis James Moriarty, a computer-generated foe who’s curiosity transcends the story when he learns that he’s a hologram.


The Outrageous Okona

Episode 29

The Enterprise rescues a cargo ship captain in the Omega Sagitta system but discovers that he is more than he appears. When alien ships intercept the Enterprise, Picard finds himself caught in the middle of this Captain Okona’s personal feuds.


Loud as a Whisper

Episode 30

On a mission to deliver the famous deaf mediator Riva to the planet Solais V, the Enterprise crew become involved in negotiations between two sides of a bitter planetary war. But when tragedy befalls Riva the negotiations threaten to break down. 


The Schizoid Man

Episode 31

Receiving a distress call from Gravesworld, the Enterprise races to provide medical assistance to Dr. Ira Graves, one of the Federation’s greatest minds and a man who claims to be Data’s grandfather. But assistance takes an unexpected twist as Graves eyes immortality. 


Unnatural Selection

Episode 32

After intercepting the USS Lantree in response to a distress signal, the away team beams aboard to find that the entire crew has died of old age. Dr. Pulaski must then lead an effort to prevent the spread of this aging disease, beginning with Darwin Station. 


A Matter of Honor

Episode 33

As part of a Federation-Klingon exchange program, Riker becomes the first Starfleet officer to serve on a Klingon ship when he becomes first officer aboard the Pagh. When the Klingons believe the Enterprise has sabotaged their ship, Riker’s loyalties are tested.


The Measure of a Man

Episode 34

Data’s freedom and position in Starfleet are threatened when he is ordered to transfer to Starbase 173 to be disassembled and studied. Determined to save Data, Picard challenges the orders and must prove in a hearing that Data is a sentient being.


The Dauphin

Episode 35

During a diplomatic mission to transport Salia, the leader of the war-torn planet Daled IV, back to her homeworld Wesley experiences his first romance as he falls in love with the young princess who is not quite what she seems.



Episode 36

The Enterprise responds to a distress call from her sister ship, the Yamato, only to witness its destruction. Soon Picard finds himself in a face off with Romulans while his own ship becomes infected with a computer virus of ancient Iconian origin.


The Royale

Episode 37

While investigating the wreckage of a 21st century NASA spacecraft in the star system Theta 116, Riker, Worf, and Data become trapped in the Hotel Royale where they must succesfully play out the plot line of a bad novel in order to escape.


Time Squared

Episode 38

While traveling to the Endicor system the crew of the Enterprise encounters a duplicate of their own El-Baz shuttlecraft and Captain Picard that have been sent back in time from six hours in the future by a mysterious energy vortex.


The Icarus Factor

Episode 39

With an offer of his own command on the table Commander Riker and the Enterprise travel to Starbase Montgomery for a briefing. Things take an uncomfortable turn, however, when the strategist turns out to be Riker’s estranged father.


Pen Pals

Episode 40

When Data begins exchanging subspace communications with a little girl on the pre-warp planet Drema IV he inadvertently breaks the Prime Directive and places Picard in a difficult situation when geological instability threatens the planet.


Q Who?

Episode 41

Q hurls the Enterprise across 7,000 light years forcing the crew into a premature encounter with a powerful alien race known as the Borg in an effort to prove to Picard that humanity is not yet ready to explore the galaxy.


Samaritan Snare

Episode 42

While Captain Picard undergoes a medical procedure to replace his artificial heart Geordi is kidnapped by the Pakleds who attempt to trade the engineer’s freedom for all of the information in the Enterprise’s computer.


Up the Long Ladder

Episode 43

Responding to a mysterious distress signal the Enterprise rescues colonists from Bringloid V and transports them to the nearby Marposia system where Picard must convince the two incompatible groups that they must work together to survive.



Episode 44

A diplomatic mission to transport Antedean dignitaries turns uncomfortable for Picard and Riker as Lwaxana Troi comes aboard the Enterprise intent on finding a husband as she undergoes the Betazoid equivalent of menopause, known as “The Phase.”


The Emissary

Episode 45

When a Klingon warship returns from a 75-year deep-space mission the Enterprise must diffuse a potential danger to the peace by transporting the Klingon emissary K’Ehleyr, a former love interest of Worf, to meet the long-lost warriors.


Peak Performance

Episode 46

Starfleet prepares for the Borg threat by staging war games between the Enterprise and an old starship, the Hathaway, commanded by Riker. But the war games take an unexpected turn when the Ferengi arrive and attempt to make off with the Hathaway.


Shades of Gray

Episode 47

Having been infected with an alien parasite, the now comatose Riker undergoes the only treatment that can purge him of the deadly infection as Dr. Pulaski forces the first officer to relive painful memories from througout his life.


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