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Season 1

Encounter at Farpoint

Episode 1

On her maiden voyage, the Enterprise-D encounters a powerful entity while en route to examine a new trading outpost on Deneb IV. The omnipotent being, Q, puts humanity on trial as an inferior species, putting the new crew to an immediate test.


The Naked Now

Episode 2

A disease that renders its victims intoxicated and unstable sweeps the research ship Tsiolkovsky. When the Enterprise investigates, the disease jumps ships and drives Picard’s crew mad. Dr. Crusher must find a cure before the ship falls into a nearby star.


Code of Honor

Episode 3

During a medical mission to Ligon II, Tasha Yar is kidnapped by the planet’s ruler who wants her as his wife. Unable to negotiate a diplomatic solution, Picard must allow Yar to participate in a fight to the death to keep the mission on track.


The Last Outpost

Episode 4

On a first contact mission between the Federation and the Ferengi, the Enterprise finds itself instead pursuing the Ferengi to recover stolen property. Soon, however, both ships find themselves trapped above a strange planet by a ghost from the Tkon Empire.


Where No One Has Gone Before

Episode 5

When a warp drive specialist makes upgrades to the Enterprise engines, a problem sends the ship 2.7 million light years to a point outside the galaxy. Wesley and a unique alien known as the Traveler must bring the ship home before insanity takes over.


Lonely Among Us

Episode 6

While transporting delegates from to warring planets to the Federation diplomatic outpost known as Parliament, the Enterprise passes through a mysterious cloud that leaves the ship malfunctioning and crew members exhibiting strange behavior.



Episode 7

Stopping over for shore leave on the peaceful planet Rubicun III, the Enterprise crew finds itself in a diplomatic crisis when a simple accident by Wesley Crusher results in a death sentence under the planet’s system of universal punishment.


The Battle

Episode 8

Sent to the Xendi Sabu star system by the Federation to meet with the Ferengi, the Enterprise finds Picard’s old ship, the Stargazer, which the Ferengi claim is a gift for the captain. But when Picard begins suffering headaches the real intention is exposed. 


Hide and Q

Episode 9

While attempting to respond to a distress call from a Federation colony, the Enterprise encounters Q, who traps the ships in an energy web. Q forces the crew to participate in a deadly game and offers Riker the omnipotent power of the Q Continuum.



Episode 10

Compelled to honor an arranged marriage agreement made by her late father, Troi arrives at Haven where her mother waits with Wyatt, the man Deanna is to marry. But events take an unexpected turn when Wyatt finds Troi is not the woman he expects.


The Big Goodbye

Episode 11

Taking a break from diplomatic preparation, Picard sets out to enjoy a mystery as the detective Dixon Hill in his favorite holodeck program. When the a problem occurs in the program the crew become trapped in a deadly recreation of 1940s San Francisco.



Episode 12

Stopping off at Omicron Theta, the world on which Data was discovered, the Enterprise crew discovers a second android name Lore, identical to Data, in the lab of Dr. Noonien Soong. Soon they learn there are some key differences between the two.


Angel One

Episode 13

In a search for survivors from a lost freighter, the Enterprise visits the planet Angel I where they find a society dominated by women. Riker uses a personal touch to gain favor but an attempt to evacuate survivors is disrupted by a virus outbreak aboard the ship.



Episode 14

During a maintenance call at Starbase 74, Starfleet brings in specialists from a unique race called the Bynars to make upgrades to the Enterprise’s computers. But the Bynars have their own plans as they carry out an elaborate hoax in order to steal the ship.


Too Short a Season

Episode 15

Negotiations to free a Federation ambassador from terrorists is put into jeopardy when the aging admiral chosen to lead the effort uses a de-aging compound to return to his youth but goes too far leaving him unable to complete the mission.


When the Bough Breaks

Episode 16

While traveling through the Epsilon Mynos system, the Enterprise finds the cloaked planet Aldea. Surprised by contact from these reclusive people, the motives soon become clear as the Aldeans’ kidnap children in hopes of rejuvenating their infertile race.


Home Soil

Episode 17

During a status check visit to a Federation terraforming colony on Velara III, the Enterprise discovers an intelligent inorganic life form on a planet thought to be lifeless. When the microscopic life declares war on the humans, Picard must reach a truce.


Coming of Age

Episode 18

Wesley Crusher prepares for his entrance exam to Starfleet Academy while Captain Picard and his senior officers face a performance review by an old friend with a secret agenda to promote Picard to admiral and reassign him to the Academy.


Heart of Glory

Episode 19

Sent to the Romulan Neutral Zone to investigate reports of a battle, the Enterprise finds only a Talarian freighter carrying three Klingons. When the Klingons are brought aboard and attempt to destroy the Enterprise, Worf’s loyalties are tested. 


The Arsenal of Freedom

Episode 20

When the USS Drake goes missing near the planet Minos, the Enterprise visits this legendary weapons supplier to investigate. The mission turns deadly, however, when the away team triggers an automated defense system that attacks in orbit and on land. 



Episode 21

On a scientific mission in the Delos system, the Enterprise receives a distress call from a freighter and becomes caught in the middle of a dispute over medicinal shipments between two alien races who have developed a unique dependency on one another.


Skin of Evil

Episode 22

When a shuttle carrying Troi is forced to crash land on Vagra II, an away team must beam down to the planet to rescue the counselor. A simple rescue mission becomes more difficult, however, when an evil creature traps Troi and kills Tasha Yar.


We’ll Always Have Paris

Episode 23

While en route to Sarona VII a temporal distortion creates strange loops of repeating time onboard the Enterprise that lead to a Federation scientist whose experiments with non-linear time threaten to destroy the very fabric of spacetime itself.



Episode 24

Summoned to a secret meeting on Dytallix B, Picard meets with a trio of captains who warn him of a conspiracy by alien forces to take control of Starfleet from within. Arriving at Earth to investigate, Picard and Riker come face to face with the threat.


The Neutral Zone

Episode 25

The Enterprise makes the first Federation contact with the Romulans in more than half a century as the disappearance of outposts brings fears of a resurgent Romulan threat. But the meeting is complicated with the discovery of a cryoship carrying ancient humans.


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