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GoldiSpock and the Three Bears (Part 6)

Star Trek: The Lost Missions: “GoldiSpock and the Three Bears” (Part 6)

by Christopher Jones

Missed the beginning of the story? Start with Part 1.

Last time on Star Trek: The Lost Missions

Spock, Uhura, and Chekov followed the trail of bread crumbs and arrived at the cottage. Inside they found a scene of destruction, as well a some delicious porridge. Also inside were additional bread crumbs and heavy metal tankards containing a red liquid. After exploring the entire place, they all fell asleep on the smallest of the three beds on the second floor. Meanwhile, Kirk and McCoy met three bears who turned out to be the owners of the cottage. Having discovered how the structure ended up on the planet, Kirk and McCoy were ready to return to the ship but couldn’t because of malfunctioning equipment and missing crew members. The Bears agreed to help them and they headed off into the forest, in the direction of the cottage.

And now the continuation…

The whistling call of the Enterprise’s communications system filled the bridge as blue-clad science officers and red-clad engineers scurried around trying to isolate the cause of the equipment failure. Hikaru Sulu perked up in the captain’s chair and hoped that this was good news. He had been waiting an hour and fifty-nine minutes for a solution. Time was running out.

He reached down to the arm of the chair and pressed the flashing button. “This is the bridge,” he said.

“Good news, laddie,” said Scotty in a cheerful voice, “I’ve found the problem.”

“Good work, sir. How soon can you have everything operational?”

“Well,” Scotty replied with hesitation, “before I can do that we’ll have to make a wee trip down to the planet.”

“The planet?” Sulu said in surprise.

“Yes, sir,” confirmed Scotty. “I got the short range sensors partially functioning again, but couldn’t do anything with the communications or the long range sensors. And I still can’t pick up any lifesigns. But I did find something unusual.”

“What is it, sir?”

“There’s some sort of transmitter on the surface that’s jamming our sensors and communications equipment. It appears to be rather advanced. It can’t be indigenous to this planet, and it certainly isn’t ours.”

“If it’s jamming our sensors, how did you cut through with the short range ones?” asked Sulu.

“I modulated the frequency to a tighter bandwidth.”

“Couldn’t you do that with the other equipment?”

“No, sir,” replied Scotty, “that feature isn’t scheduled for implementation until the next generation starship.”

“Of course,” answered Sulu with a slight hint of frustration. It was funny how often these little problems seriously affected the Enterprise’s missions. “So can we beam down to the surface?”

“No, sir,” replied Scotty, establishing a theme. “The device is also scattering the transporter signal. We’ll have to go down by shuttle.”

“Understood. Meet me in the shuttle bay in five minutes.”

Sulu pressed the button on the chair’s arm once again to switch off the communicator, handed over command of the bridge, and then disappeared into the turbolift.

When the Bears, Kirk and McCoy arrived at the cottage, they were surprised to find that the door was already open. They were even more surprised at what they found inside.

Baby Bear had the habit of running in ahead of his parents after their evening walk and climbing up into his booster seat for a bowl of delicious porridge. Tonight he was disappointed.

“Papa, Mama,” he cried out, “someone has been in our home!”

Papa Bear and Mama Bear looked around the room and were shocked at the destruction. Shattered windows, broken picture frames, and damaged furniture littered the place.

“Don’t you ever clean up around here?” asked Kirk.

“Of course,” answered Mama Bear. “We are usually very tidy. When we left the place was spotless.”

“Obviously someone has been here,” added Papa Bear.

They approached the table where Baby Bear was already sitting, but it was difficult to walk with all the trash on the floor.

“Bones,” said Kirk, “give me a hand with this garbage. We need to get it out of the way.”

“Damn it, Jim,” replied McCoy in annoyance, “I’m a doctor, not a maid.”

“Would you just give me a hand?” shot back Kirk.

They cleared off the floor a bit and examined the table, which looked like the mess hall on a Klingon ship after a glorious battle.

“Someone’s been eating my porridge,” said Papa Bear.

“Someone’s been eating my porridge,” said Mama Bear.

“Someone’s been eating my porridge,” said Baby Bear, “and it’s all gone.”

They all gasped in horror. Who would break into a cottage in the middle of the forest and eat someone’s porridge?

They decided to examine the rest of their home. They walked into the adjoining room where they usually spent time relaxing in their rocking chairs, reading and knitting.

“Someone’s been sitting in my chair,” said Papa Bear.

“Someone’s been sitting in my chair,” said Mama Bear.

“Someone’s been sitting in my chair,” said Baby Bear, “and it’s broken!”

This was just too much for the Bears. Papa Bear’s expression changed from one of gentle cooperation to one of fury. “We’d better check upstairs,” he said to his wife in a husky voice.

They all went up to the second floor and entered the bedroom, almost tripping over the now empty tankard as they did so. A trail of red footprints were left behind them as they walked.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed,” said Papa Bear.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed,” said Mama Bear.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed,” said Baby Bear, “and they’re still there!”

He pointed to the three figures who were sound asleep on his bed — the figures of Spock, Uhura, and Chekov.

“So it was your people all along,” Papa Bear shouted at Kirk. “You found out about us somehow and came to destroy us.”

“I assure you that is not why we are here,” replied Kirk in his most diplomatic voice. “And I also assure you that my officers did not ransack your home,” he added.

“Evidence would seem to indicate otherwise,” said Mama Bear.

“Daddy, Daddy,” cried Baby Bear, “can I eat the pointy-eared guy?”

“Maybe later, son.”

Kirk realized that they were in trouble. With no functioning equipment and no way to return to the ship, they would have to prove their innocence in order to escape alive.

“Bones,” he said, turning to the doctor, “can you wake them up?”

“Sure,” answered McCoy. He walked over to the bed, put his hand on Spock’s shoulder, and shook him. “Spock, wake up!” he yelled.

Spock didn’t move. He repeated these steps on Uhura and Chekov but still nothing happened. “Better use a hypospray,” he said out loud, more for himself than for the others. He placed the hypospray against the neck of each officer and, after three short bursts of air, they all woke up.

“Captain,” said Spock, still a bit groggy. “What happened?’

“You fell asleep, you green-blooded son-of-a-bitch,” answered McCoy before Kirk could speak.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” asked Kirk, ignoring McCoy.

“We followed a trail of bread crumbs from the forest to the entrance of this structure,” recalled Spock. “When we arrived, we found that the door was already cracked open, so we entered. Inside we found no one, but the place must have been visited recently as the inner rooms were in utter disarray. We began examining the first room and were overcome by the deliciousness of the…” he struggled to remember the term.

“Porridge,” jumped in Chekov.

“Yes, porridge, and ate the contents of the smallest bowl.”

“I knew it!” shouted Papa Bear.

“I am sorry,” he said to Papa Bear with no emotion whatsoever, “we could not help ourselves. It was, after all, just right.”

He then continued with his account of what had happened.

“Then we began to examine the other rooms. In the next room we found more destruction. Clearly, someone had been on a rampage here, sir.”

“Yes, Mr. Spock, clearly,” said Kirk. “Please continue. What happened next?”

“Next we came upstairs and found these beds. We were all feeling very sleepy for some reason and decided to take a rest here.”

Papa Bear and Mama Bear looked at each other and an expression of total agreement came across their faces without even a single word spoken. Papa Bear looked sternly at Kirk.

“Clearly you are the purpetrators of this hideous crime. Have you no decency in you, Kirk?” he said. “We offer you help and in return you wreck our home. For that, I shall serve you to my family for dinner.”

He then turned to Mama Bear. “Take them downstairs and lock them in the living room,” he said.

Kirk refused to put up a fight just yet. He was sure that there would be a way out of this that would avoid bloodshed. The Enterprise crew followed the Bears downstairs without a struggle.

As they descended the stairs a brief rustling sound was heard coming from the bedroom. But it quickly died away.

to be continued…

Can Scotty and Sulu successfully locate and disable the jamming device? How will Kirk and crew escape from the cottage? Who ransacked the Bears’ home? All of these question and more will be answered in the next and final installment of “GoldiSpock and the Three Bears.”

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