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Matter Stream 9: The Life of Ricardo Montalban and Khan

John Tenuto.

Few characters have endured in the hearts of Star Trek fans like Khan Noonien Singh. And one of the primary reasons is the man who portrayed him: Ricardo Montalbán, the Mexican born actor who became one of America’s most enduring figures of radio, theatre, television, and film.

Despite making only two appearances in the franchise, Montalbán influenced Star Trek in a way few have. Yet his contributions to entertainment extend far beyond the bounds of the 23rd century. Facing many obstacles in his life, Montalbán defied the odds to become an inspiration to millions.

In this episode of Matter Stream we’re joined by John Tenuto, sociology professor at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois. This month Tenuto will be presenting three special events celebrating the life of Montalbán, the history of Star Trek fandom, and the making of Montalbán’s most famous film: The Wrath of Khan.

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Running Time: 54 minutes
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Christopher Jones



John Tenuto


Show Notes

John Tenuto’s Ricardo Montalban website.

John Tenuto on Twitter.

 Grayslake Public Library website.

The College of Lake County website.

The St. Louis Science Center website.

The St. Louis Science Center Star Trek: The Exhibition website.



Discovering Montalban
Montalban as Khan
Recasting Khan
Researching the Archives
History of the Star Trek Fan Club
Last Thoughts on The Wrath of Khan
Event Dates and Times


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