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Mylex Previews Star Trek V CGI Update Project

Star Trek V was a film that—due to a variety of reasons—failed to live up to its potential. One element that differed noticeably from the previous films was the visual effects work, which was not done by ILM. If those visuals left you wanting more then you’ll love the latest project from Mylex and HIKE Animation, who are taking on The Final Frontier.

The project is ongoing but Mylex has released more than eight minutes of footage mixing new CGI and scenes from the film that demonstrate the beautiful improvements that they are bringing to this maligned voyage. It’s a look at what might have been.

Check out both of the videos below to see the amazing recreations of scenes from Star Trek V.


Mylex Presents Star Trek: Attack of the Klingons!

Mylex and Hike Animation have become a favorite of ours with their beautiful CGI recreations of some of Star Trek’s most famous moments. Now Mylex has put together a fan video that combines footage from several different Original Series films with original CGI. The result is “Star Trek: Attack of the Klingons,” a 12-minute presentation that creates a story that seems both new and familiar at the same time.

Note: No actors were recast in the making of the video.

Watch the full video below and visit Mylex and Hike Animation on YouTube for more great work.


TWOK Battle of the Mutara Nebula CG Animation: Mylex67 Personal Edit

Hike Animation and Mylex67 recently shared an early look at their latest project from —The Wrath of Khan’s Battle of the Mutara Nebula. Now Mylex has released his personal edit combining footage from the film with original CGI. It’s no secret that the work of Hike and Mylex is beautiful, but these views of the Reliant and the Enterprise playing cat and mouse may be their best work yet. It’s not a simple recreation of the The Wrath of Khan but rather a somewhat different view of the battle… and a must-see for any fan.

You can find more incredible work from Hike Animation and Mylex at


Mylex67 and Hike Animation Announce Battle of Mutara Nebula Project

Beyond the darkness… Beyond the human evolution… There is… Khan.

But we’re not talking about the swirling rumors about the villain in the next J.J. Abram’s film. We’re talking about the original Khan himself, and the Battle of the Mutara Nebula. It’s the next project from Hike Animation and Mylex67, and the early peeks they are providing on YouTube promise yet another work of art. The early model of the Reliant, created by Raul Mamoru, looks beautiful and the nebula is stunning.

Mylex and Hike Animation often release different stages of their work and it is very interesting to see how the CGI develops over the course of the project. So keep your eyes on their YouTuve Channel to watch the Battle of the Mutara Nebula evolve.

Here’s a sneak peek, with their project introduction video and a first look at the Reliant.