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Horta Now Ready to Join Your STO Crew

It’s one thing to diversify your Star Trek Online crew with Aenar or Caitians, but now you can go where no pile of molten rock has gone before by adding Horta to your team. Two Horta types are now ready to join you on away missions. The Eisilum Crystal Horta and Polytrinic Acid Horta are both new types that are summonable combat allies that you can call upon during away missions.

The Eisilum Crystal Horta consumed large quantities of graphite and diamond deposits as it grew, giving it more health than a Horta Ally and a bonus to its threat level.

The Polytrinic Acid Horta fed on various metallic ores as it developed. Its silicate geology converted the metals into acids and salts, giving it more powerful acid attacks than a Horta Ally.

Each Horta costs 240 Atari Tokens and unlocks the option for every character slot on an account.

Find out more and get your own Horta by visiting the Star Trek Online Store.



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