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Deck Eight 6: Brandon and the Klingons

Brandon W. Felczer, Perfect World

In this episode of Deck Eight, hosts Colin Higgins and Thomas Baddeley look at a special offer on Gold Memberships, a new Account-wide Bank option for Silver STO players, and a rundown of Klingon Command ships. Plus we examine a transcript from Ship Artist Ian “JamJamz” Richards to learn more about the development process for the upcoming Regent Class assault cruiser. Then, in this week’s big feature, we’re joined by Brandon W. Felczer, Community Manager for Perfect World, for an extensive Q&A session about the current state and the future of Star Trek Online.

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Running Time: 1 hour 8 minutes
We recommend subscribing to the enhanced podcast version from iTunes. It includes chapter markers for each news item and topics during the feature discussion, plus changing artwork and links to more info.




Colin Higgins and Thomas Baddeley



Brandon W. Felczer


Show Notes

Star Trek Online Gold Subscription Sale
Read more about the details on the STO website…

Account Shared Bank for STO Silver Players
Read more about the details on the STO website…

Designing the Regent Class Assault Cruise
Read more about the details on the STO website…


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