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Crossword 9: Rolling In the Mudd

Harry Mudd. He’s one of the most famous criminals from The Original Series and a thorn in the side of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew. How well do you know the exploits of this intergalactic con man? In this Star Trek crossword puzzle we’ll test your knowledge of Mudd’s appearance in Star Trek with questions about both the man and the episodes that centered around him.


Playing Options

There are two ways to work crosswords. You can either download a PDF to print and complete old school style with your trusty No. 2 pencil, or you can open the puzzle in a separate game window and work it right here in your browser, requesting hints along the way and checking your work when done.

NOTE: Do not use the backspace key in the interactive puzzle. Your browser may treat the keystroke as navigation back to a previous page. Use the mouse to click a previous square instead.


Puzzle Preview